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Auto-Lab Diagnostics has been in existence since 2016 and has been working firmly through that period. Auto-Lab Diagnostics restores and diagnose all cars to its best condition. We comprise of;
  • General Maintenance and Repairs
  • Perfect Paint-Work
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Perfect Auto-Body Works
  • Paint Correction
Auto-Lab Diagnostics

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Services We Perform

Repair & Inspection
Our Technicians are well certified and approved. Come to us for all your vehicle mechanical works.
Electrical System
Having issue with your vehicle electrical system, We offer electrical repairs on vehicles.
Computer Diagnostics
If your car needs a diagnostic check, let Auto-Lab be your source!
Auto-Body Works
We offer body works on all cars. Ranging from straightening to Cutting.
Need help in detailing your car, We offer both interior and exterior detail. Leather restoration and engine cleaning.
Paint Work and Correction
We offer vehicle paint work and correction. Kindly drive to us for a perfect job done.
Come before 31st December,2020

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At Auto-Lab Diagnostics, we serve our customers, come in before 31st of December and enjoy our amazing discounts from repairs to paint work and correction. Claim your discount.
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Auto Maintenance FAQs

What types of experience do your mechanics have?
Our mechanics have over 5 years of experience. They have worked in shops and have proven track records of great customer service and do quality work.
Why is car maintenance important?
To help keep your car running newer, longer. By letting us perform routine maintenance, you’ll help spare bigger car trouble.
How often should I have routine maintenance performed?
Each car, SUV, truck or van manufacturer lists time and mileage intervals for routine maintenance, inspections, and part replacement. Some service intervals are shorter, requiring more frequent maintenance, while other maintenance intervals are longer, occurring once or twice over the life of your vehicle.
Do you use modern technology?
Yes, we use modern computer diagnostics scanner to diagnose vehicle related problems and come out with a accurate measures.
Vehicles done
Happy Clients


Auto-Lab has worked on my truck 2 times now and have done a great job at the estimate price and time. I would recommend them to everyone.
Mr. Frimpong

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